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We started to export high quality Japanese garden plants and bonsai in 2010. Now We have nurseries 4 in Japan, 2 in China, and 1 in Vietnam. 



Our website “dashu.jp” is the largest living plants and bonsai web catalog in Japan where customers can easily search for products online. Let’s make GGMM(Global Green Movement Movement) with us!

5 Reasons to Choose "Dashu"

5 Reasons to Choose “Dashu”

(1) Nurseries in China and Vietnam

We have nurseries in Shanghai,  and Ningbo China, Hanoi Vietnam. You can buy it at a price directly managed by a Japanese company, and you can also order products in Japan with confidence.

5 Reasons to Choose “Dashu”

(2)Product appeal

[1]Operates Japan’s largest garden planting and bonsai sales site “dashu.jp (link)”. Can be purchased with one click.

[2]We are working with top Japanese bonsai artists to create products.

[3]You can purchase Japanese garden designs and their products as a set


5 Reasons to Choose “Dashu”


We won  the Best Exporter Prize from the Japan FLOWERS AND PLANTS EXPORT ASSOCIATION

Continuous export record of more than 100 containers per year.

5 Reasons to Choose “Dashu”

(4)Safe shipping

[1] Export technology. In addition to containers, we also export by direct shipping, which is the only one in Japan.

[2]Can dispatch Japanese Gardener and full after-sales service for long-term transactions.

[3]Confirmation by video distribution of export work


5 Reasons to Choose “Dashu”

(5)Multilingual support, Invitation visa service

[1]Supporting Chinese, Vietnamese, English and Spanish.

[2]Please feel free to ask us as we will arrange invitation visas from each country.


中文: 联系请加微信: chinarui2005


Shanghai nursery: 123, C-ku, Osu-ku, 88, Haikou Road, Pudong New Area, Shanghai

Ningbo nursery: Zhenhai District, Zhenhai District, Zhejiang Province


Hanoi nursery1: KĐT, Splendora, An Khánh, Hoài Đức, Hanoi, Vietnam

Hanoi nursery2: Xứ đồng Gada, Thôn Vĩnh Ninh, Xã Vĩnh Quỳnh, Huyện Thanh Trì, TP Hà Nội.


Head Office::

Higashinada, 8-6-26 Minami Motoyama , Higashinada, Kobe, Hyogo

Chiba nursery:
1297 Higashiya, Sosa, Chiba 289-2115

Aichi nursery1:

Yokonosakaizukacho, Inazawa, Aichi 492-8388

Aichi nursery2:

54, Iborigamarokucho, Inazawa, Aichi 492-8467

Kagoshima nursery:

6387-8 Haraigawacho, Kanoya, Kagoshima 893-0026

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